Encyclopedia of Chess Openings

Chess Software

Chess Genius great playing program for Windows, Palm, Pocket PC and more.

Chess Central all kinds of software, some for kids.

Chess Openings Bookup software for learning openings, endgames and tactics.

Bookup 2000 Express download free software for organizing PGN files into ebooks for training.

Chess 4 Less producers of MasterChess 4000 and instructional DVDs.

Thinks.com guide to chess software and more.

Sigma Chess software for Macintosh (freeware).

SchoolChess software for chess clubs, especially for schools.

ChessMate software for beginners.

British Chess Magazine software ideas for newbies.

British Chess Magazine software for sale for Windows, Pocket PC

Museum of Chess Programs classic chess programs compared available for download.

Chessville's Software Links more links to chess programs

Grandmaster Corner free and commercial programs for Windows, Macintosh and Palm

Chess Reviews critical reviews of all kinds of software by Robert Pawlak.

HIARCS extremely strong playing programs for Windows, Macintosh and Palm.

Chess Assistant tournament player database of games from Russian company Convekta.

Chess.about.com information on software for anything other than Windows.

Schröder BV information on the very strong playing programs Rebel, Gandalf and Chess Tiger for Windows.

Chessopolis links to software for correspondence chess.

Linux chess tools from linuxlinks.com

Eric Schiller's comments on Chess Assistant

Software reviews by the "chess geek" plus more PGN files and screen savers.

Board Game Central lists of chess software for Windows, Macintosh, Pocket PC and Palm OS.

IECG Forum international email chess group's forum on software.

ChessBase German professional chess game database system.


Chess Servers

Internet Chess Club (ICC) possibly the largest commercial pay for play site on the net.

Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) probably the largest site for playing chess for free.

PlayChess.com European server affiliated with ChessBase.

Tim Mann's page information on chess servers in general.

Ed Collin's page comparing Yahoo chess with chess servers.

Chessopolis tons of links on chess servers and all of online chess.

U.S. Chess Live the United States Chess Federation's chess server.

World Chess Network yet another chess server.

Yahoo Chess play chess from a web browser.  Lots of beginners.

Caissa's Web another place to play.

Chess Mentor tutorial software.


PGN Files

Mark Lowery's page introduction to PGN formats.

The Week In Chess (TWIC) the latest games in PGN format with the latest news in chess.

Bookup videos how to use Bookup to view and import PGN files.

PGN technical information tons of links on the usage of PGN.

PGN documentation more technical help with PGN specifications.

Cleveland Chess League games in PGN format.

University of Pittsburgh large collection of PGN files along with files in other chess formats.

Russian Chess PGN files  you won't find anywhere else.


Other Links

Chess Informant publishers of the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings, Encyclopedia of Chess Endings, Informants and other research works.

New in Chess a favorite journal of chess.

US Chess Federation official website of the Unites States Chess Federation.

ChessKids.com great resource for younger players.

Greek Chess news and games (in Greek)